Long walk in the city

  • The best way for me to decompress is to take the subway to a random stop and then walk towards home.
  • When I saw this hippo, I was about halfway through my walk. So I rested for a bit to do a bit of people-watching.
  • The Lincoln Center area has changed so much since my time living in the area. I think I may have seen some Fordham students walking around. It’s that time of the year.
Bjorn Okholm Skaarup. Hippo Ballerina. February-September 2017. Bronze & Copper. Cavalier Galleries with NYC Parks.
  • This public art is on point. I could make a pun here, but I won’t.
  • I saw Edgar Degas’ The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer at the Met for the first time during my freshman year at Fordham and Fantasia was one of the first Disney movies I watched as a child.
  • In my brain, Skarrup’s sculpture brings together those two periods of my life and connects them to my present day. I love when art does that.
  • As I watched people posing for pictures with her, I kept thinking, she’s going to mean something totally different to each person (or have zero significance.) That’s cool too. Art doesn’t need to touch everyone.
  • On long walks, you run into things that may be important to you. I had no idea that this sculpture was there. I didn’t realize I needed it. Who knew, hippo? Hmm? Who knew?
  • Looking at art gets me out of my head. Now that I’ve done that, I feel ready to work.

One thought on “Long walk in the city

  1. I think it is such a wonderful idea to get off at a different subway stop to see more of the city. The hippo reminds me of the kids cartoon Martha & Geroge actually!

    Nat ◇ dignifiable

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