Bittermelon = the family crest

  • I’m in New Jersey, the land of my favorite grocery stores. I love coming home.
  • We went to an H-mart yesterday. When I was growing up it had the descriptive title of  “Asian Food Store.” Maybe the two aren’t related, but it’s the same strip mall, so I’m grouping them together in my memory.

  • Ampalaya (Bittemelon) is a staple in Filipino food. It belongs on my family’s Coat of Arms, if we did that sort of thing. We don’t.
  • My grandmother makes a great Pinakbet. However, my cousin Vincent always requests her to cook it without the ampalaya. He doesn’t like the bitter. Whatever, I love it.

  • Why are these mushrooms so expensive everywhere else in NYC??
  • H-Mart also had maybe five different brands/package sizes of enoki mushrooms. I don’t want to dwell on the other kinds of reasonably priced mushrooms, because I’m getting wistful.

  • Paul would eat a cauliflower everyday if he could get them at this price. They’re about $3.50 on a good day in our neighborhood.
  • He loves cauliflower so much it belongs on his crest.
  • My personal crest would probably be a pig going to the market.