Craving sewing

  • I wouldn’t call myself a seamstress, but I do know how to sew.
  • After spending too long in front of the computer, I just want to make something tangible.
  • Yesterday I got out my sewing machine and altered a pair of jeans from bootcut to straight leg. I also made a reversible skirt out of two t-shirts that didn’t fit right.
  • Now it seems that my tension dial and bobbin winder are acting weird.
  • I will go into full diagnostic mode before I give up and take it in for repairs (says the little automation specialist inside me.)

  • This fabric looks like Liberty of London. I’m not sure. When I bought fabric in Italy seven years ago, I didn’t know that much about sewing. I just thought it was pretty.
  • I plan on sewing another Wiksten tank this week. It’s my favorite sewing pattern, mostly because I don’t need to alter it. Plus I can sew it quickly since there’s that whole muscle memory thing.
  • If I can’t fix my bobbin/tension issues, I’ll use my mom’s sewing machine. It’s fancy and I’m pretty sure she never uses it. (UPDATE 29 Aug: Tension issues were due to tons of lint in the bobbin case and tension discs. I was surprised, since I’d cleaned it out just the other day. Silly me. Bobbin winder still isn’t working properly.)
  • When I get through a couple more crafty situations (with their own special issues), I will want to retreat back into the comfort of my computer.