Remember that Trabant tour?

  • During Christmas 2014, I went to Berlin with Paul and my brother.
  • We weren’t there long. Just a few days. Enough for a couple museums, Christmas markets, and military history. Normally I gravitate to WW2-related activities, but this trip we focused mostly on Soviet Era.

  • I’ve heard the Trabant described as a “car-like” vehicle from East Germany. Ha ha.

  • Somehow these Trabi tours are available. You sign some sort of waiver and they let you drive around Berlin in a frightening queue while someone describes popular tourist sites over the radio. Paul drove. He remembers nothing that the guide said, because he was concentrating so hard.

  • How I feel this week is similar to sitting in the passenger seat of that vehicle.
  • It’s as if I’m in a Cold War death trap with a nervous husband driving, but I’m learning a tons at the same time. I’ve learned SO MUCH the past couple of weeks, my head is floating.

  • While I’m working on a project, I pick a television show and measure time based on the episode. When the series ends, I start it over again and continue until I’ve finished all my tasks.
  • For the past couple weeks I’ve had Band of Brothers on a loop. I’ve been supplementing it with reading books about the Allied troops before bed. I’m big into heroes.
  • Next time we go to Berlin, I would want to focus more on WW2 again.