Jules Tavernier shows that lava is hot

  • Jules Tavernier was a Hudson River School artist who moved to Hawaii.
  • That artistic movement played up nature’s drama like no other. Maybe Turner. Maybe. I’m partial to my first love, though.
  • Speaking of intense, just imagine the plein air set up like for this scene.
Tavernier, Jules. Kilauea Caldera, Sandwich Islands. 1886. San Diego Museum of Art. San Diego
  • In terms of curating, I really love that the San Diego Museum of Art paints their walls grey. White walls hurt my eyes.
  • The next few weeks will feel like this volcano scene.
  • It also reminds me of my favorite Charles Bukowski quote (also the title of one of his poetry collections): “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”
  • I know that lava and fire are not the same thing, but they occupy the same space in my brain for reddish hot things.
  • Hearts belong in that category, too.
  • I think I’m in a mood.